Instead of repeatedly creating and designing the same content in many separate templates, you could think of creating content blocks and then easily re-use the same content across many templates.

How to do this
  • Create content that is made available via the Content Chooser
  • Insert that content into your template using the Content Chooser

These steps will ensure that the content is inserted as linked content into your template, as information about the content will be retained.

How will updating of the content work

First of all, we built in an automatic update feature into our Wizard App. When launching the Wizard for the first time with a document or template it will check if it can find any 'linked content' and automatically update these. However, if the document or template already contains Wizard data it will not automatically update any content. Please make sure your templates are clear of any Wizard data before publishing your template.

The second option is to check and update the content in your document or template using the Verifier App. To do that, you first open the document or template and then run the Verifier App. It will check if all the linked content is still up to date in your document or template, and if not, it will point this out to you and let you update the content.